Dermapril is a scam!! Do not fall for the free trial. It is a lie! Dermapril is a fraud! All false and misleading advertisment.

As a test, before you order the product, try to reach the company via phone. You will not be able to reach anyone in person. Beware, once Dermapril has your credit card number, you credit card will be charged without your authorization repeatedly!

I cancelled the trial as advertised, yet payment was extracted from my credit card unbeknownst to me more than once. I had to make 3-4 attempts before I could cancel via the Dermapril website, as the cancel button appared as "disabled" repeatedly. I have tried to reach them via phone and e-mail to get my money back to no avail.

It is a rip off. The product is just an overly expensive bleaching cream (like Ambi) you can buy at your local pharmacy for $7.00-$10.00!!!

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i do like the product.but the customer service i've gotten over the last year with dermapril has been so horrible!!!!!

my account has been messed up so many times.

my shipping dates were moved without my knowledge, my account was canceled once without my knowledge, foreign customer service reps couldn't locate me in their computers, had over drafts in my bank account due to withdrawl of funds without the proper knowledge due to miss communication.OMG, IF I DID LIKE THE PRODUCT, I WOULD GIVE-UP.


I tried e-mailing and calling 8 different times.They stated they did not have my account information.

Talked to some guy also in Asia. This is a scam.

Tried calling the number billed to my credit card, no answer.I had to cancel my card.


Dermapril wiped out my checking acct. They

would not stop charging me, over and over

again. I cancelled the way they required

and within the allotted time.

Had to cancel my acct and card. You can charge

them back if you visit your bank. Don't even

bother calling their customer service number.

Some guy in Asia does nothing on the other line.

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