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Ok so I thought I would try this product. It states you won't see results for 3 months after you get it but you have 14 days to cancel and all you pay is shipping & handling of $5.95.

I didn't cancel and return w/i my 14 days because I thought I would give it another month. My next bottle came in at $75.90 and I didn't argue that as I was going to try it, looked at my charge card bill and I was charged the $75.90 + $69.95 w/i 3 days of each other.

Called the company and they said that because I didn't cancel they charged me for the first bottle and that it clearly states that on their checkout.

So in very small print they actually do say that if you don't cancel w/i the 14 days you will be charged the $69.95. I think that this company is very deceptive and their advertising and yes I should have read it more thoroughly (my bad)

I just think it is bad business.

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i do like the product.but the customer service i've gotten over the last year with dermapril has been so horrible!!!!!

my account has been messed up so many times.

my shipping dates were moved without my knowledge, my account was canceled once without my knowledge, foreign customer service reps couldn't locate me in their computers, had over drafts in my bank account due to withdrawl of funds without the proper knowledge due to miss communication.OMG, IF I DID LIKE THE PRODUCT, I WOULD GIVE-UP.


I ended up having to cancel my credit card and paying for one more than I received even after filing a dispute. It may be a wonderful product but I would not recommend buying direct. There are alternative sources.


Well I just stopped this transaction, so many negative review scared me..


Dermapril does not even accept a return of an unopened, undelivered package.There is small print you need to read at the bottom of the web page, "terms and conditions." You will see they are setting you up for a very high priced scheduled delivery and will access your account.

First they charge you before the 14 days for the full price of the "trial use" bottle, then in 14 days ship you another and take money out of your account for that.Very shady, and not you may have to cancel your card to stop them.


The same thing happened to me, I was not aware that it was an automatic shipment and was billed progressively higher amounts -

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